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At ABB Power Conversion, we design, develop and manufacture solutions to power and safeguard life’s everyday moments. Our customers are in industries where power reliability, efficiency, and quality matter most, and they rely on us to solve their most difficult power challenges. For decades, we’ve led the way with advanced power solutions that enable innovation and technological evolution.

Power is the ultimate enabler, connecting everyone and everything…and we know power.

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We are embedded experts with specialized know-how. We are the quiet pioneers behind the connected device revolution for over 20 years. Our brand stands for innovation and exceptional products.

Industrial hardware

We deliver mission critical reliability to some of the most demanding applications in the world. That’s why we are trusted by leading equipment manufacturers to deliver the quality products they need to get to market quickly.

Experts live here

We know it takes much more than just hardware to bring a product to market. That’s why we developed a comprehensive portfolio of IP and the in-house expertise to help along the way. Whether it’s hardware, OS kernel, application software or cloud native AI, we’re all in.

We know voice and video

We developed VoIP products before cell phones had touch screens. Today, our communications solutions meet or exceed the qualification standards for mission critical equipment in buildings, passenger transportation vehicles and healthcare. If you need communications, we answer that call.

Edge enablement

Hardware bring up, bootloader and driver systems. Operating system and kernels including; Linux, uClinux, MQX, FreeRTOS.

Research driven innovation

Our investment in leading technologies and our award winning research keeps us ahead. We apply this to deliver innovation that brings intelligence to the edge and transforms connected systems.

Edge communications

Voice and video communications (VoIP), signalling, codecs, audio intelligibility; SIP, RTP, sRTP, SIP-TLS, webRTC, RTSP.

Edge AI

Detection, classification, algorithms, model training and AI pipeline tooling. Workflows for public safety applications.

Edge connected things

Secure (TLS/x509) management of connected devices, OTA firmware, configuration, provisioning and automatic updates.

Cloud edge

Cloud native design and integration, containerization, PaaS and microservices, frameworks and integration platforms.

Edge enablement

Hardware bring up, bootloader and driver systems. Operating

Edge hardware

32 and 64-bit boards and modules. High-speed, impedance matched and mixed signal system design.

Our Ecosystem Partners

Great partners make the voyage shorter – Our ecosystem brings specialized expertise and industry insight to everything we do.

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ARM defines the pervasive computing that’s shaping today’s connected world. Realized in 125+ billion silicon chips, our device architectures orchestrate the performance of the technology that’s transforming our lives — from smartphones to supercomputers, from medical instruments to agricultural sensors, and from base stations to servers.


Arm provides a complete portfolio of industry leading solutions consisting of:


·        Software and Design Tools for productivity

– Tools include:

– SOC Design

– Embedded & IoT Software Tools

-Server & HPC Application Tools

– Graphics Development Tools

-Development Boards


·        Processor Multimedia and System IP for  the widest range of devices—from sensors to servers:

– Cortex CPU cores

– Mali GPU cores

– Machine Leaning Neural Network Processing


·        Secure IoT Connectivity from Chip to Cloud:

–         Arm PELION IOT Platform: Connectivity, Data and Device Management for any cloud.

–         Platform Security Architecture:  provides a security foundation for Arm connected devices

–         Kigen eSIM and iSIM Solutions: Build and remotely provision SIM, eSIM and iSIM.

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Dawar Technologies is a recognized leader in providing resistive and projected
capacitive touch solutions and value added integration and custom product
enhancement services for the medical, military, industrial and instrumentation

Dawar has design and application engineering support as well as manufacturing
facilities in both the USA and Asia to provide global support for our customers.

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IEI Integration Corp. is a global supplier of industrial computer products and AIoT solutions, including embedded system, panel PC, embedded computer, single board computer, network appliance and fanless embedded box PC, etc. IEI provides ODM services and industrial computer integration solutions for the IoT – Internet of Things.


Visit IEI official website to learn more about IEI solutions for several markets such as: factory automation, computer telephony integration, networking appliances, security, systems, and in fields like IoT (Internet of Things), national defense, police administration, transportation, communication base stations and medical instruments.

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Communication and Connectivity for Automation

Ruggedly designed, engineered, and constructed infrastructure solutions for harsh-duty manufacturing environments such as automotive, food and beverage, material handling and commercial vehicles.



Molex Industrial Automation Solution 4.0 (IAS4.0) is an end-to-end solution from a sensor to analytics to enterprise applications. This includes every simple or complex device such as controllers, gateways and IO modules as well as platforms to develop cloud-based applications.

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Nanya Technology Corporation (NTC) has focused its core business on DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) memory for over 20 years. NTC dedicates itself in R&D, design, manufacturing, marketing and sales of DRAM products. Manufacturing and development facilities are mainly located in Nanling Technology Park, Taishan District, New Taipei City. For 2018, monthly capacity of two manufacturing sites (12-inch Fab) is 65,000 WPM (wafer per month) and is scheduled to marginally increase to 73,000 WPM in 2019. Over the years, NTC has cultivated a strong establishment in R&D and Intellectual properties.

[su_accordion class=””] [su_spoiler title=”Standard DRAM” open=”no” style=”fancy” icon=”plus-square-1″ anchor=”” class=””]

  • Nanya, offers JEDEC compliant, high quality DRAM devices, for a wide range of consumer and enterprise products.
  • Nanya serves as a one-stop shop covering a wide spectrum of DRAM technologies from DDR1, DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4, with densities ranging for 512Mb through 8Gb.

[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Lower Power DRAM” open=”no” style=”fancy” icon=”plus-square-1″ anchor=”” class=””]

  • Low power consumption, along with high speed and bandwidth deliver superior performance.
  • Diverse selection of product package, densities & temperature specifications.
  • Ideal solution for portability, which includes handheld devices, infotainment systems in car, IoT applications.

[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”MCP” open=”no” style=”fancy” icon=”plus-square-1″ anchor=”” class=””]

  • Optimal solution to minimize form factor with the integration of Low power DRAM & SLC-NAND.
  • Comprehensive selection of packages and densities, most suitable for portable devices & IoT applications.
  • Support wide temp range to fit different usage conditions and specifications.

[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Automotive & Industrial DRAM” open=”no” style=”fancy” icon=”plus-square-1″ anchor=”” class=””]

  • Support automotive & industrial grade standard DRAM and low power DRAM.
  • Certified with TS16949/ AEC-Q100 to meet critical temperature & reliability requirements.

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Automated Testing for Modern Environments

Today’s “continuous everything” DevOps environments require swift software releases. Yet you can’t afford to let your software go untested. Parasoft intelligently integrates automated test execution and deep code analysis into your development process. You get robust software out the door faster — and at lower costs.

Solutions for Every Testing Need

Establish a scalable test automation strategy leveraging unit, API, and web UI testing. And build on top of code that is reliable, safe, and secure with deep static analysis to ensure compliance with industry standards. Parasoft’s automated software testing tools seamlessly integrate into your existing CI/CD pipeline and Agile DevOps workflows to improve your software quality by incorporating continuous testing throughout your development process.





Solutions for Every Compliance Need

It’s not enough for code to be innovative. It must behave as expected — and be safe, reliable, and secure. To meet this growing list of requirements, industries mandate that a variety of coding, functional safety, and security standards be baked into the coding process. Parasoft’s automated software testing tools continuously analyze code to ensure compliance.

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  • Siemens Polarion® ALM™ Software is a leading provider of a 100 percent browserbased and unified platform for Requirements, Quality, and Application Lifecycle Management.
  • The company helps global organizations in a wide range of industries from automotive to medical device and aerospace – creators of products that people trust – achieve agility, traceability and compliance for their complex products.
  • Worldwide users rely on Polarion to fuel collaboration; integrate ALM and PLM; and more efficiently bring their high-quality products to market.

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Sharp puts the durability, dependability, and dazzle of Sharp LCDs to work in your signage products. Our e-Signage Modules make a big impact with the true-to-life detail of Full-HD. Sharp’s UV2A process enhances the picture with wide viewing angles and high contrast. The displays are flexible for use in either portrait or landscape mode.

  • Industrial Strength LCDs from 3.5” to 23.1” featuring LED backlighting to enable lower power consumption, long backlight life, slim profiles and high resistance.
  • Ultra-low Power Memory LCDs from 0.96” to 4.4”: Consumer Performance enhanced by a lightweight, two-glass design plus an integrated driver in the panel.
  • e-Signage Modules from 70” to 90”: True-to-life detail of Full-HD.
  • Sharp offers value added integration including touch sensors, bonding, brightness enhancements to adapt to a display panel for any application.

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Build secure, high-quality software faster

Synopsys solutions help you manage security and quality risks comprehensively, across your organization and throughout the application life cycle.

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Integrate security into your DevOps environment

Integrate and automate application security testing with the development and deployment tools you use today.

Learn more about our solutions for CI/CD and DevSecOps.


Build a holistic AppSec program across your organization

Ensure your people, processes, and technology are aligned to defend against cyber attacks on the software you build and operate.

Learn more about our security consulting and training solutions.

Get on-demand security testing for any application

Extend the reach of your application security team with cost-effective security testing by our team of experts.

Learn more about our application security testing services.


Find and fix quality and compliance issues early in development

Maximize software reliability, minimize downstream maintenance headaches, and ensure compliance with industry standards.

Learn more about our software quality and compliance solutions.

Identify open source, code quality, and security risks during M&A

Avoid surprises that can materially impact the value of software assets your company acquires.

Learn more about our Black Duck Audit Services.

Assess your AppSec threats, risks, and dependencies

Go beyond security testing to understand likely cyber attack vectors and targets, as well as design flaws that can lead to security breaches.

Learn more about our secure architecture and design solutions.

Tools and services that help you build security and quality into your SDLC

Any software. Any development model. Any stage. Synopsys has you covered.

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Toshiba offers a wide range of semiconductors and storage products, making us a single-source option for a number of solutions and customers. We work closely with OEMs, ODMs, CMs, VARs and fabless chip companies to define the right product mix and new technology innovations. Through proven commitment and lasting relationships, Toshiba semiconductors and storage products make possible todays’ latest smartphones, tablets, ebooks, digital cameras, head mounted devices, medical devices, automotive applications, networking, enterprise applications, and PC and notebook storage.

Toshiba designs and manufactures high-quality flash memory-based storage solutions, solid state drives (SSDs), hard disk drives (HDDs), solid state hybrid drives (SSHDs), discrete devices, custom SoCs/ASICs, microcontrollers, wireless components, mobile peripheral devices, advanced materials and medical tubes that make possible today’s leading smartphones, tablets, cameras, medical devices, automotive electronics, industrial applications, enterprise solutions and more.

ARM Core Microcontrollers<br>


Automotive Devices<br>

FFSA/Structured Arrays<br>



NAND Flash Memory<br>


Storage Products<br>